Positive Comms +Plus for Week of 17 May 2021

Image of forest canopy at Taman Tugu, Malaysia

Interesting or inspiring articles (perhaps a bit of both)… We hope this post stirs your thinking about corporate communication, employee engagement and leadership focused on purpose and values.

Company culture

Using medicine and basketball as the basic subjects of this article, Y. Strickler describes how “Change isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon — and a relay”. It’s good advice, we think, for organizations wanting to improve culture or employee engagement. This article is a bit of a long read, but worthwhile.

This is How Long it Takes to Change the World via Linkedin.com


The book RANGE by D. Epstein is a fascinating read that got us thinking about how to look at work differently. There are many examples and case studies in the book that we love; especially the ones which we realize are good advice for leading effective teams.

RANGE: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World on Amazon.ca


We admit it… we’re biased. We believe in consistent, good-quality communication for organizations wanting to improve their bottom line. So, that’s why we really enjoyed this article that argues for more storytellers in the world. The article is based on advice from the world’s top economists. We think you’ll like it.

The World’s Top Economists Just Made the Case for Why We Still Need English Majors via WashingtonPost.com


We’ve all realized by now that online meetings and presentations are a vastly different format from face-to-face communication. Here’s a great article that sums up a few of the best practices for virtual conversations. We especially like the idea of “… limiting yourself to a tight 30 minutes” for your next presentation.

5 Logistical Tips That’ll Help You Pull Off a Great Webinar via Contently.com

Thank you to our fellow communication professionals for sharing some of these articles. Like the book RANGE, which we think helps us consider different perspectives on work and life, we find the forest is a great place to do that as well. This picture, from our personal archive, is of the forest canopy at Taman Tugu, Malaysia. Be well… Stay safe.

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