What We Do

Specializing in helping purpose-driven organizations communicate.

The Communication for Positive Change System was developed for organizations which want to elevate their profile through clear and focused communication.

We specialize in communication for purpose-driven business.

Regardless of where your organization is on the journey to better, effective communication, we will develop a communication plan that fits your purpose-driven needs and goals.

How We Do What We Do

The first step is a communication audit that evaluates the effectiveness of your marketing programs. With this audit, we will:

  • Determine whether communication programs are aligned with your organization’s purpose;
  • Take stock of current communication programs;
  • Uncover which communication programs are working (or not working);
  • Score and rate current communication tactics; and
  • Provide suggestions for improvement.

The next phase provides focus and clarity and is an exercise which establishes parameters for your communication programs and goals. We help you establish a baseline by identifying:

  • Internal and external stakeholder groups;
  • Key messages;
  • Communication priorities; and
  • Corporate identity guidelines.

From there, we establish a work plan which covers the what, when, who, and how much will be spent for the communication tactics that have been chosen.

Implementation is where we roll out the chosen programs and tactics and begin delivering on the organization’s promise to both internal and external stakeholder groups.

We specialize in marketing communication and graphic design and work every day with the Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator), Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Constant Contact and Linkedin. Certified as a Communication Management Professional (CMP).

An annual evaluation and report will gauge the effectiveness of your organization’s communication programs with the goal of continually improving on results.

If you’re ready to take the first step, you can download your free communication audit questionnaire and scorecard.

Please contact us with your questions, comments, or just to connect!