Positive Comms +Plus for Week of 6 July 2020

Boat filled with pineapple at floating market in Can Tho, Vietnam

Interesting or inspiring articles (perhaps a bit of both)… We hope this post stirs your thinking about corporate communication, employee engagement and leadership focused on purpose and values.


Are you a perfectionist? Have you ever found yourself in, as the author puts it, a “… “emperor has no clothes” situation in which the herd has settled on a way of thinking but there are flaws in that consensus”? If so, have a look at this article on creativity, innovation and perfectionists. It’s an interesting and quick read.

The Upside of Perfectionism? Creativity. via HBR.org


Here’s excellent advice on how organizations should focus their communication during these unprecedented times. It’s a great article to reinforce what other voices in the industry have been saying. To get your communication right: Be relevant, helpful and generous. Period.

People Before Profit: Promoting Products and Services During COVID-19 via IABC.com

Company Culture

Time and effort spent on internal or external communication must, obviously, support a business goal. The challenge, of course, is how do communication teams support the business goals when we live in a dynamic, 24/7 and digital world? Agile is taking hold in this space. It’s an interesting concept that has teams working in two-week sprints as the author describes.

Are You Agile? via IABC.com

Conscious Capitalism

Ever heard of Milton Friedman, the economist who believed: “… seeking profits for shareholders would alone allow a company to prosper, keep people employed, and fuel the economy.” Well… a group of CEOs has decided they needed a purpose statement that was radically different. The announcement is facing some skepticism, but perhaps it’s a step in the right direction. You decide…

Nearly 200 CEOs Just Agreed on an Updated Definition of the Purpose of a Corporation via QZ.com

Thank you to our fellow communication professionals for sharing some of these articles. The concept of Agile got us thinking of this type of worker… the farmers in the Mekong Delta, who also work in “week-long sprints”. Many will come to Can Tho, Vietnam from hundreds of miles away. They will stay, afloat in the area, until their crop is sold and sail home weeks later. This picture is from our personal archive and was taken at Cai Rang market in Can Tho, Vietnam in December 2019.

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