Positive Comms +Plus for Week of 3 February 2020

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Interesting or inspiring articles (perhaps a bit of both)… We hope this post stirs your thinking about corporate communication, employee engagement and leadership focused on purpose and values.


“We are not taught to listen…” is a quote from this article on the increasing value of listening as a leadership skill and the importance communicators should place on it as we develop communication programs. Citing research and covering the different types of listening in organizations, it’s an interesting read.

Why Listening is a Critical Leadership Capability for Today’s Communicators via IABC.com

Socially Conscious

We still have a long way to go, but progress towards measuring and reporting on non-financial aspects of for-profit organizations seems to have been made at the World Economic Forum recently. The proposed metrics and recommended disclosures cover four areas: principles of governance, planet, people and prosperity.

Measuring Stakeholder Capitalism: World’s Largest Companies Support Developing Core Set of Universal ESG Disclosures via WEForum.org


Organizations of all stripes face risks to their operations. This article outlines a number of risks you should have on your radar for 2020. Mitigate the risks with strategic, focused and effective communication and you’ll be well on your way to countering the effects of a number of types of disasters.

Watch Out For These Global Business Risks in 2020 via Forbes.com

Thank you to our fellow communication professionals for sharing some of these articles. We liked this image to illustrate cyber security. Is that an organizational risk you have your eye on for 2020? How are you planning on mitigating that risk? With a strategic communication plan, we hope. Credit to photographer The Digital Way on Pixabay.com.

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