Positive Comms +Plus for Week of 28 January 2019

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Interesting or inspiring articles (perhaps a bit of both)…We hope these posts stir your thinking about marketing, communication and graphic design; for organizational communication focused on purpose, as well as conscious capitalism and the conscious marketing movement.

Company Culture

From onboarding programs for new employees to writing documentation for new software or systems, there’s good reason to document processes and procedures; or “the way we do things here”. We’ve been doing quite a bit of this type of work lately, including looking at “leaning” processes, so when we saw this article it caught our attention. It’s a quick read…

Want to Win? Write Stuff Down via Inc.com


If your organization is focused on producing a lot of video content, this article is an interesting read about the variety of metrics that are being used in the industry to measure viewership. While it doesn’t provide all the answers to the current problem, it does help bring awareness to the issues.

Video Measurement is Broken. Here’s How to Fix It via Contently.com


Here’s an article that covers the growing movement towards purpose-driven business. As the author states, it’s time for public relations specialists to: “… refocus on helping build companies and brands that are worth something and helping design and promote products that create public benefit.” It’s an interesting read that reinforces may beliefs a wider group of companies are adopting.

Can Purpose Save the Advertising Industry Business? via Forbes.com

Thank you to our fellow communication professionals for sharing some of these articles. We liked this image of a “Welcome on board” sign to signify the importance of new employee onboarding programs. Photo by Mabel Amber on Pixabay.com

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