Positive Comms +Plus for Week of 28 August 2017

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Interesting or inspiring articles (perhaps a bit of both)…We hope these posts stir your thinking about marketing, communication and graphic design; for organizational communication focused on purpose; as well as conscious capitalism and the conscious marketing movement.

Content Marketing

Do you ever wonder what is the best way to come up with story ideas for your content marketing programs? Listening to your customers or clients is one way. This article outlines some simple tips and tactics on creating data-driven content. It’s a quick read.

ask a content strategist: how do you create data-driven content? via contently.com

Employee Engagement

There’s a fair amount being written lately about employee experience. In fact, job titles within organizations are being changed to reflect this new focus. So, what is the difference between employee engagement and employee experience? This article outlines the differences.

what’s the difference between employee engagement and experience? via inc.com


“How can we lift the curse of knowledge?” is the central question in this article about writing and communication. The article explains the affliction of bad writing and some of the things to look for to improve any piece of communication.

the single reason why people can’t write according to a harvard psychologist via inc.com

Social Media

Measuring the results of marketing and communication programs has always been a priority for specialists in marketing. Here’s a good article that covers the reasons why a broad scope of analysis is a good idea when it comes to program measurement.

why you shouldn’t base your content marketing strategy on visitors alone via forbes.com

Thank you to our fellow communication professionals for sharing some of these articles. We liked this image to illustrate the social media experience. The photo is from one of our favourite stock photo sites: 123rf.com. Good luck!

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