Positive Comms +Plus for Week of 24 July 2017

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Interesting or inspiring articles (perhaps a bit of both)…We hope these posts stir your thinking about marketing, communication and graphic design; for organizational communication focused on purpose; as well as conscious capitalism and the conscious marketing movement.

Employee Engagement

The future of work will be quite different from what we experience today, if the predictions come true (and we believe they will to varying degrees). CSR programs will need to adapt to the new workforce. This article outlines some of the changes coming to CSR. It’s a quick read.

how csr execs redefine the future of the workforce via greenbiz.com

Conscious Capitalism

What would you say about a Forbes contributor writing about the fact business is increasingly focused on purpose over profit? We say it’s an ever-growing viewpoint and the future business model – maybe not for all businesses, but certainly quite a few. At a minimum, we believe business must begin to focus on a clear and focused purpose to survive and thrive in the future. This article talks about purpose over profit as well as why it’s important to attract future employees.

purpose is fast becoming the top thing you have to offer future employees via forbes.com


Here’s an article on leadership lessons from two names you’ll recognize – Steve Jobs and Johnny Cash – who will be remembered for their talent and also for building great brands. What we valued in this article was exactly that – the advice on how to build a great brand. It’s a quick read.

a guy who did pr for apple reveals what steve jobs taught him about leadership via businessinsider.com

Content Marketing

For the foreseeable future, content marketing is going to exist in a media landscape that includes fake news.” This passage got our attention and kept us reading this article. The article’s advice says brands should stop using unbranded micro-websites, acknowledge their bias, and implement good journalism practices into their content marketing. Good advice, in our opinion.

3 rules for content marketing in the fake news era via contently.com

Thank you to my fellow communication professionals for sharing some of these articles. To celebrate Johnny Cash’s life, we’ve chosen a picture of an acoustic guitar for this post. The image is from one of our favourite stock photo sites: Pixabay.com. Good luck!

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