Positive Comms +Plus for the Week of 13 June 2016

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Interesting or inspiring articles (perhaps a bit of both) …

Each week, we share links to a few interesting or inspiring articles we’ve come across during the previous week. They’re meant to stir your thinking about marketing, communication and graphic design for positive change as well as conscious capitalism and the socially conscious movement.

Social media

Have you been following the news about the changes Facebook is making to its Trending Topics news feed? Trending Topics will now be based on what Facebook’s 1.6 billion users are talking about and sharing and not what traditional news outlets are publishing as news. Should we be paying more attention to brand ambassadors who can promote our cause and purpose? What do these changes mean for your organization?

with trending topics, facebook is creating its own news cycle via wired.com


No one likes errors to slip through. Often the job of polishing copy is left to the communications, public relations or marketing staff. If proofreading is part of your job, here’s some great advice on how to do a good job of proofreading. Reading copy backwards is also another good way to pick up errors. The article is a quick read!

9 tips for better proofreading via prdaily.com

Content marketing

Most organizations today have become publishers of their own intellectual capital. Like anything else, having a plan in place for a content marketing initiative is essential for success. Here’s a great article that outlines the factors to consider in your content marketing strategy. We particularly liked this piece of advice: “To blindly create content that further crowds an already noisy online marketplace is irresponsible. We have to be more strategic if we want to produce better content. Even if that ultimately means producing less of it.”

your content marketing strategy doesn’t have to be complicated via harvard business review

Employee engagement

Most organizations have mission statements that make particular promises to their customers. Some companies are beginning to introduce culture manifesto’s that make promises about how they will organize and conduct themselves internally, which, of course, affects how they run their business or organization. Here’s an inspiring read, which may get you started on drafting your own culture manifesto.

how to create a culture manifesto for your organization (and why it’s a good idea) via stanford social innovation review

We thought this image from Unsplash.com was a nice choice because we often enjoy a hot cup of tea while working, and particularly when we’re proofreading copy.

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