Positive Comms +Plus for the Week of 5 October 2015


Interesting or inspiring articles (perhaps a bit of both) …

Each week, we share links to a few interesting or inspiring articles we’ve come across during the previous week. They’re meant to stir your thinking about marketing, communication and graphic design as well as conscious capitalism and the socially conscious movement.

Do non-profits need to act more like business? How can social enterprises make a positive contribution to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals? This article explains that to affect positive change we’ll have to get all hands on deck.

Embracing the Business of Development via Stanford Social Innovation Review

How do you measure a company’s social consciousness? The answer is complicated. This article delves into this question and proposes a simpler universal rating system.

How Can We Know Which Companies Are Serious about sustainability via forbes

A new model for business: When traditional businesses wanted to “give back”, they became philanthropists, then they introduced CSR programs. This article presents a newer model where business builds solutions to solve real-world social problems.

Never mind corporate social responsibility, companies can solve actual social problems via Fast Company
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